Aims and Scope

In recent years, the field of exercise physiology has developed relatively well. Due to the increase in the number of research works of professors, students, educators and other people involved in this field, the publication and dissemination of these researches will help to expand the field as well as the boundaries of knowledge and sports. The publication of research in this field also helps coaches and athletes to improve their performance.

The Journal of Sport and Exercise Physiology of Shahid Beheshti University intends to publish Original Research Articles, Case Reports and Review Article in the field of  Applied Exercise Physiology and Exercise Phsiology and Nutrition and Exercise physiology and Health research that have not been previously published in any domestic journal.

The aim of the editor, the editorial board and those involved in this field is to improve the journal in terms of quantity and quality, and he hopes that in the coming years this magazine will become a weighty and prestigious publication in the country, regionally and internationally.