Code of Ethics
All respected staff of this magazine, such as writers, judges, editorial board, officials and office staff of the magazine, are required to comply with the ethical charter of the magazine and will use all their efforts to achieve these standards.

Observance of intellectual property rights
Efforts will be made to provide all the copyrights of the authors with accurate information and to prevent the publication of the contents of this journal by others. Also, in no way will the pre-published articles in the journal be made available to others, and only the editors of the journal will have access to the submitted articles.

 Professional and fair judgment
Decisions about the scientific validity of articles at any stage regardless of gender, ethnicity, race and sexual, religious, political and ideological characteristics and all articles without referring to the author are referred to a reviewer or specialized judges.

Maintaining confidentiality
The authors 'profiles have always been kept confidential before publication and the referees' profiles, and until that time, no one other than the magazine's editors will have access to the references and the article file.