Submission Guide

For many publishers of reputable international scientific journals, it is important that the process of accepting and publishing articles is clear. In the Journal of Sport and Exercise Physiology of Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran, an effort has been made to facilitate and clarify the work process in the process of sending, reviewing and accepting the article for the respected author (s) by providing an objective guide. This process includes steps whose process is described here according to the following steps:

1) Registration step in the website

At this step, before sending their article, it is necessary for the author (s) to register their identity information as a new user in the official system of Journal of Sport and Exercise Physiology of Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran at To do this, first go to the main page of the magazine, enter the menu 'Login' and activate the submenu 'Register in the system' by clicking. Then enter your personal and academic information as well as your user code in Persian and accurate on the registration page. In this section, new users must also define their user code, which is their ID to log in to the system. After completing the requested information, it will be possible to save your information. After storing the information, a message will be sent to your e-mail containing the user code and password in the system.

* It should be noted that the information in this section is editable and it is recommended that you change the received password.

2) Article submission step

After registering in the website of the Journal of Sport and Exercise Physiology of Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran, it is possible to send you an article on this site. At this step, in order to submit an article, after logging in, you can enter your 'personal page' by entering your username and password. In the user roles section, the author role is active for you. Clicking on the author will activate the article submission page for you. On this page, a new article is submitted in the new articles box, which includes inserting information in 5 steps, which is shown in the image below.

Article Acceptance Processe

3) Initial evaluation of the article

At this step, the article is evaluated simultaneously in two ways. First of all, the submitted article will be evaluated in terms of whether it fits with the content scope and goals of the journal or not, and if it is found to be inconsistent with the content scope, the article will be rejected, otherwise it can be provided. Journal format to enter the review process. In this regard, the technical experts of the journal examine the submitted article in terms of observance or non-observance of the journal format (including observing the structure and order of the article components, font and font used, page size, citation and source writing) and in In case of non-compliance, the author (s) are required to adjust the format of the article and resend it.

4) reviewing step

Before judging, the authors of articles whose articles have received initial approval in terms of format and coordination with the content range, must pay the judging fee, which is equivalent to 1/000/000 Rials, to the journal account through the system. It should be noted that payment at this stage is not considered as acceptance of the article and in case of arbitration, the deposit will not be refundable.

After that, the editorial board decides on the appointment of an arbitrator. In determining the reviewer an attempt is made to select at least two reviewer from among the experts and specialists related to the submitted article. It should be noted that the reviewing in this journal is done double blind and therefore the reviewers and authors are not aware of each other's identities. In cases of disagreement between the same reviewer, the final acceptance or non-acceptance decision is made by the third reviewer or the editorial team.

5) Decision on the article (acceptance / rejection)

After obtaining the opinion of the review, the editorial board decides on the rejection, edit or acceptance of the article based on the opinion of the review. If the total comments were non-acceptance of the article, the letter of non-acceptance of the article will be sent to the authors and the article will be excluded from the review process.

If the article was intended to be revised, the items will be sent to the author and the revised article will enter the final acceptance process if the final review opinion is satisfied, otherwise it may re-enter the revision process or even be rejected.

6) Print and publish the article

Finally, after the edit are made by the authors and the final approval and acceptance of the article by the editorial board, the article will enter the acceptance and publication step. It should be noted that the final publication of the article is subject to the payment of the costs of printing and publishing the article by the author (s). For this purpose, the authors are required to deposit the amount of 1,000,000 Rials for usual reviewing and 3,000,000 Rials for quick reviewing to the journal through the link that is activated on the article submission page.

A brief overview of the article acceptance process can be found in the Flowchart section of the User Guide.